2003, Taniwani didn't have a particular destination, actually we thought to have Taniwani for another winter in Lagos, before sailing to really new horizons. 

In addition not all the family could take off for three months and so we needed to plan for a few crew changes. This turned into two weeks getting the boat ready, a two week trip from the Algarve to Gibraltar, Tanger and back, another one week trip to Cadiz and back along the Costa da Luz. And finally a longer trip to the Canary Islands and back with many interesting stops. Now Taniwani is back in Lagos, waiting for the next summer and for a much longer journey.

The links below point to the trip reports and pictures that have been sent from board during the summer of 2003. The reports are in chronological order, but do not correlate exactly with the trips mentioned above.

Report 1:  Getting started

Report2:   Lagos to Ceuta

Report 3:  Ceuta to Gomera, including Madeira and the Selvagen Islands

Report 4:  La Palma to Porto Santo, including Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, and Graciosa

Report 5:  Porto Santo to Lagos