The summer cruise in 2002 was quite a bit longer than Taniwani's first two summer trips, both in time and distance. In this wonderful summer, Taniwani sailing a contrasting western Europe for two and a half months, covering over 3,500 miles.

The tour started in Scotlands Clyde area, where Taniwani had safely spent the winter in Ardrossan's Clyde Marina. From there it went on to Northern Ireland, and then west around Ireland, down to the south western end of Ireland.

The next part was a longer (7 days exact) passage of 1280 miles to Horta on the Azores Island of Faial. After some cruising in the Azores, we went on further south to Madeira, where we spent time with friends and parents.

Finally Taniwani sailed back up towards the Iberian peninsula, with landfall in Cadiz, and from there cruised along the Costa del Luz and the Algarve, to the final destination of Lagos Marina, to spend the next winter there.

Below follow the links to the relevant trip reports and pictures that have been sent from board during that trip.

Report 1:  From Ardrossan to Loch Swilly

Report2:  From Loch Swilly to Inishbofin

Report 3:  From Inishbofin to somewhere in the Atlantic

Report 4:  From somewhere in the Atlantic to Horta (Azores)

Report 5:  From Horta to Ponta Delgada

Report 6:  Azores to Madeira

Report 7:   Madeira to Lagos (last)